The Xbox LIVE Fiend is SICK of paying for Xbox LIVE!

Microsoft taking my money

Microsoft taking my money

Alright… I’m sick of it!

On a very real note, I make $11.50/hour. I don’t particularly like my job, but it allows me to pay the bills and not be homeless, so there’s that.

Here’s the thing, though. I spent $500 on my new Xbox One.

I spent $90 on my Turtle Beach headphones (to destroy people on Xbox LIVE).

I spend $60 – $100 per month on Xbox games.

And yet…

I still have to pay $10/month for Xbox LIVE!

I’m not sure why Microsoft hasn’t adopted the free online play model that PS3, PS4, and Wii have. If I had free Xbox LIVE gold, I’d be much more likely to recommend my friends get an Xbox.

Alas, it costs money, and Microsoft doesn’t care about my opinion.

So, I took things into my own hands. I found a website that offers FREE Xbox LIVE Gold Codes. It’s pretty easy – you just have to complete a human verification check (I think the website makes money when you do) and then they send a code to your email.

Again, I have no idea how it works, but I’m not complaining. I was able to get free Xbox codes, and that’s good enough for me.

Oh, yeah. And here’s the most annoying kid to EVER PLAY XBOX LIVE! EVER!


How Much Xbox LIVE Is Too Much?

If you’re like most people, you love gaming. My name’s Rich, and I play about 20 hours of Xbox 360 a week. (Too broke for the Xbox One)

So, is this too much? Some people tell me that as a 20-something year old, I need to stop gaming so much and get my life on track.

I counter that gaming is my passion and I just love playing video games. Some people understand, some think I’m crazy.

Let’s do an in depth analysis of my gaming time and see if it’s too much to be spending.


If I weren’t playing Xbox LIVE, what would I be doing?

The truth of the matter is, if I put the 20 hours I spend weekly on video games into some other activity, I could probably get really good at something. People say I could finally learn “something useful” and have a real hobby.

I counter that everyone needs relaxation time. I work 8 hours a day and completely support myself. My job is very strenuous on my mind and my physical body, so I need time to “reboot” per se.

As for not being useful – hobbies don’t need to be useful, you just need to enjoy them. I definitely enjoy gaming. I love escaping into a MMORPG for hours at a time and I love to “become” my character, even if he’s just pixels on a screen.

Everyone wastes time, I just do it this way

Do you know anyone that will sit down at the TV after a long day of work, watch a single, half hour show, and then get back up and get productive again?

Probably not. The thing is, everyone (besides superhumans, geniuses, and people on crystal meth) need to sleep and generally recover. My brain is engaged while gaming, but I’m also recovering. Xbox LIVE is fun because I can play with other Xbox players.

Video games have benefits

  • Faster reaction time
  • More aware of surroundings
  • Faster hand movements
  • Increased neuron synapses

Overall, I like video games as a hobby and will continue to do it, no matter what the haters say.

Xbox LIVE on a bad TV!